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We manage your holiday properties

Multiple factors are essential for increasing the revenue of your holiday rentals.
  • Are you selling for the right price?
  • Are you using the right channels to market your property?
  • What are the policies for the market?

Don’t worry and use our expertise!

No matter if you use our single services or our full service, we aim to provide your guests with the highest satisfaction during their stay, which will result in excellent reviews for your property.

Check In / Check Out Service

from  17,90€

  • Our GuestHosts will collect the keys and contact your guests
  • Your guests will have a warm and friendly welcome and get a tour of the property
  • DThe keys will be handed over to the guest and they will get useful „Insider Information“
  • The property will be inspected and your guests will get a charming goodbye

Cleaning & Laundry Service

from  19,90€

  • We offer a complete cleaning of your property after the departure of your guests
  • If needed, we can collect and clean the laundry
  • We can provide you with the laundry you need

Listing Service

only  10% service charge

  • We will set up your profile on the booking engines
  • We will load and optimize your rates & availabilities
  • We will analyse and optimize your revenues
  • We will take over the payment procedures

Full Service

only  25% service charge

  • We will do the full property management
  • We will do the listing service
  • We will check in and check out your guests
  • We will organize the cleaning
  • You will get your revenues on a regular basis







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